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Settable Ball Valve Lockout Products

Product Code:  LM-SBVL-S for small

                           LM-SBVL-B for big

This valve lockout is constructed from tough nylon and stainless steel to avoid corrosion. It is used for precise Locking & closing/opening of the ball valves of various sizes and makes. Designed to lock out quarter-turn valves of varying sizes and geometric handle dimensions ( round, square or flat ) up to 1-1/4” thick x 1-5/8” wide and various lengths. Valves can also be locked in the ON or Throttled positions for non lock-out applications.
Instructions for use:
  • Compress the hand wheel knob to open clamp
  • Place the valve lockout on the valve handle. Rotate the ball valve lockout arm against the pipe in the direction of the valve rotation
  • Turn the hand wheel clockwise to tighten the clamp against the valve handle
  • Place padlock in the locking cleat assembly

Product Name

Settable Ball Valve Lockout

Product Category

Valve Lockouts

Product Description

Our Settable Ball Valve Lockouts are made of tough nylon and stainless steel. They are available in two different sizes to suit your requirement.... Read more